Yo-Yo Skiing In North Coast California

Those who come for skiing in the different snow clad slopes of North Coast, California usually find ski lifts that take them to a mountain top from where the ski slope starts. Such a course makes it possible for skiers to take several runs up and down a course in a day. There are several regions here that are ideal for backcountry skiing as well as cross country skiing. In such courses, it might be difficult to complete more than one run in a day as the landscape poses more challenges. For those who try backcountry skiing, they often try a technique called yo-yo skiing.

Yo-Yo Skiing

The techniques of Yo-Yo skiing

Those who try yo-yo skiing will combine methods like hiking or skin skiing. In the latter case, synthetic skins are attached to the bottom surface of skis. That allows one to ski up the hill without falling back. As a result, one can ski up a certain section of a mountain range or ski down it. Usually one can hike up a hill or skin ski back, which allows one to complete multiple runs on slopes.

Back country skiers use such techniques to go beyond the areas that are set up for slope skiing. They also hike to areas where ski areas might not be set up from before and are snow covered unexplored terrains. Usually, the skiers will carry their equipment up a mountain by hiking up and then skin it down the mountain sides. They might ski down partly in a run or change direction to ski another unexplored area. They might skin it up back to the top to try another run to explore another part of a hill. Hence, the yo–yo technique helps one to enjoy the different sections of snow covered slopes which gives them quality skiing in different snow covered terrains.

Those who are cross country skiers will often try this technique in ski areas as well. They will try yo-yo skiing when they are making an uphill climb. This gives them a good workout and also allows them to work on technique. Hence, yo-yo skiing is more of a training method that is put to use by cross country skiers.

You might want to work on your skiing skills this winter for which there are certain winter resorts in North Coast California that prove ideal. Some ski resorts offer idyllic hills and slopes or snow covered terrain that would prove adventurous for back country or cross country skiers. The North Coast has several diverse ski resorts to offer in different regions. There are many regions where competitions are held every year as well as other kinds of recreational sports activities to indulge in.

Go ahead and plan your skiing vacation today for the forthcoming winter months. Advance bookings will get you attractive discounts as well.

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