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Reasons to Go Spring Skiing in Whistler, BC

Skiing can be a truly amazing experience for anyone. During winter break, it is very common to see families and groups of friends going skiing in snowy slopes. 

While it’s true that it can be great to go skiing with other skiers during winter, numerous skiing destinations in various countries tend to be crowded during this season.

Therefore, no matter how much you love skiing, the whole experience might be negatively affected by the excessive amount of skiers and tourists skiing with you. This is particularly true if you are not a big fan of large crowds.

The good thing is, winter isn’t the only time of year you can go and enjoy skiing. Spring can also be a perfect time for you to go skiing.

Apart from getting the chance to avoid large crowds, there are many other reasons for you to go spring skiing in Whistler BC.

For one, the snow on the ground won’t be as hard as it is during wintry months, making it safer and more enjoyable to ski. Soft snow is excellent for both beginners and experienced skiers.

Another reason to consider spring skiing is to get to enjoy the weather. In winter, you can expect extremely cold temperature, which can make it more difficult to move comfortably while skiing. During spring, the sun would be out – giving you just enough comfort to ski more freely.

In addition, winter is the peak season for skiers – so you can also predict higher costs of accommodations and services when you go to skiing destinations.

In spring, however, the number of people visiting skiing locations decrease. Being it an off-season for skiing, you can look forward to much cheaper rates for almost everything related to ski vacations.

A lot of businesses will schedule their corporate parties during this time as it saves them money.  Surrey Painters does an annual retreat here with all their staff during this time.

And because days are longer in spring months, you have a lot of extra time to explore the beautiful location and try fun activities aside from skiing during the day. Parties are also popular for spring skiers, so you can take advantage of that, too.