Snowmobiling In North Coast, California

If you have not explored the northern mountain regions of California, you might want to do so this winter. The back country of Calaveras County offers the best winter trails to discover. Even if you simply come by to sit and gaze at the wintry landscape, you will find spectacular scenes to take in here such as the Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway. Bear Valley is a popular region for snowmobiling and here are some useful facts you could use regarding such activities.

Those who are native to the region can tell you that snowmobiling has been around here since 1967. Indeed, most of the local families here run supplies stores here as well as repair shops, rentals and provide accommodation as well. Rentals are a big focus as those who come here for snowmobiling or trying other kinds of snow based activities need rentals in terms of equipment as well as transportation. Bear Valley has gained popularity as a snowmobiling destination over the years. The trail here goes into the wilderness that can be explored without the need of a local guide. Hence, you can be on your own here and be safe and secure as well. The location of Scenic Byway here also makes it a unique location. Many do come and check out the Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway here in summer but the winter time experience is different.


If you are planning to come over here, there are several local accommodation places you can reserve online or contact through phone lines. At the same time, you can reserve for snowmobile rentals. There are three distinct trails that one can discover here. The one in Bear Valley helps one to get familiar with the local surroundings. The other trail is the Spicer Trail System while the third one is the Lake Alpine trail system. Each trail has unique scenes to explore as well as beautiful natural landscapes to discover.

For those who are new to snowmobiling, it would be wise to opt for a rental for two hours. That would be sufficient, especially if one is attempting it for the first time and with the kids. It is great fun and kids enjoy the ride with parents. It is a great family recreation, to explore in the winter time as well in this region. For older folks, it is a more relaxing recreation that is not hard on the knees.


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