North Coast Winter

North Coast Winter And Its Many Wonders

The North Coast of California has several unique landscapes for one to discover in each of its districts and areas. The rich forests full of state parks and national forest areas have rich redwood vegetation and other hardwood varieties in full abundance. While the higher slopes are ideal for winter sports, there are several places in North Coast California that prove ideal for visiting at different times of the year.

  •         Mendocino County

This is a coastal region in the North Coast which has blankets of redwood forests in the background while the ocean and coastline make for idyllic beach resort destinations. You can put up at a rental beach cottage and enjoy scenes of the surf crashing on the beach as well as find glimpses of gray whales out in the ocean waters. You are also close to the Redwood national and state parks which are easy to access from this region.

North Coast Winter

  •         Klamath

This is a small town in North Coast, where redwood forests and salmon are the best attractions. A friend of mine from Rid-Of-it Vancouver caught one of the biggest salmon I have ever seen here! You can find river rapids here which makes it ideal for river rafting and similar outdoor adventures.

  •         Blue Ox Millworks

This is a compound that showcases carefully preserved the native art of the region and for history enthusiasts, this is a landmark place to visit when one is in Mendocino County. 

There are several other attractions to visit and events to attend when you are here. For instance, the Clear Lake is one of the largest and oldest lakes in this region. It is a must visit when you are on the North Coast.

When you are here during the winter months to enjoy winter recreation, you will be in time to attend the crab, beer and wine festival that is held in Mendocino. Here you can get your fill of crab feeds, wine cruises and dinners, go for crab cooking classes and other exciting things to do around such food and drink items.

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