The North Coast region of California is also known as Redwood coast or empire. This is the region of northern California lies between the Oregon borders and San Francisco Bay. There are counties here such as Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino and others. The northern mountains in this region are known for the different snow sport opportunities they provide.

If you are planning a winter vacation here, you would do well to go through the blog articles presented here. The different skiing destinations in North Coast California are explored here and the highlights of the different regions are given. That would help you envision the different natural snow clad landscapes to be found here; the different resorts and facilities offered for snow sport enthusiasts are also covered in many blog topics here. We also encourage our readers to provide their insights or share their experiences with respect to North Coast Snow. If you have been to Santa Rosa or skied in bear valley, your inputs and experiences would be valuable to us. It would also give readers information pertaining to this region and the kind of winter recreation that is available. This region of California has much to offer in terms of natural diverse landscapes. For instance, the Humboldt Bay area is a rocky and cliff bound region while the different state parks located by the mountain ranges offer you rich forests to explore that comprise of oak, fir, redwood trees in dense vegetation. The higher elevations provide the perfect spots for winter snow and related activities.