Outdoor Activities in Edmonton Alberta

Snowmobiling Introduction

Being outdoors during winter is one of the most crucial ways to stay not only physically healthy but also mentally healthy. It is vital to find winter activities that you will enjoy and want to do throughout the cold seasons. Alberta Canada has some great winter sports to offer that anyone can do for a small price. Being outside during the winter is a great way to beat the winter blues. Staying active is the best way to feel a little bit better about life and create happy chemicals moving throughout your body.

What is snowmobiling

Alberta, Canada, has many great places that offer snowmobiling. What is snowmobiling? It’s an entertaining winter activity that involves someone on a motor vehicle that has two skis on the bottom to glide through the snow.

When you do this for the first time, you will want to make sure to wear warm and comfortable clothes that are waterproof. Keep in mind, anytime you go out on trails or anywhere that is far from a city, you should always take a first aid kit and other supplied in case of emergencies.

Benefits of being outdoors in the winter

When you spend too much time inside in the winter, it can cause you to feel down. You feel too cooped up, and it can have a severe impact on your mental and physical health. Here are some of the main benefits of being outdoors in the wintertime.

•    Fresh air- Getting a daily dose of fresh air is good for your lungs and will help you stay healthy throughout your life. As humans, we were not meant to be inside for extended periods.

•    Vitamins- Going outside enables you to increase in Vitamin D. Even though the clouds the sun shines, and you will get the correct amount of vitamins in your system. This will help with the winter sadness and make you feel good.

•    Stress- Moving your body not only helps boost your immune system it also helps reduce your stress levels. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to get outside and move your body.

•    Energy- If you’re feeling run down, a good way to increase your energy levels is by moving your body and getting outside.

•    New friends- By finding outdoor activities, you enjoy you will meet a community full of people who also enjoy the same thing!

There are so many incredible benefits you will receive by going outside in the wintertime; these are only a few of them. Snowmobiling is not only a fun way to be out during the winter, but it can improve your health as well. It is one of the best ways to meet new people who live the same kind of lifestyle and maybe a good way for you to be introduced to new, different, winter sports as well. 

Where is the best place to go snowmobiling?

In Edmonton, Canada, there are so many beautiful places you can go to snowmobile. If you have your own snowmobile, you may go anywhere that has enough room for it, and is a permitted area. If any signs are saying you can’t snowmobile on a trail, it is best not to do it because you could get in trouble from the rangers who protect the space.

The most fantastic thing about living in Edmonton is that we are close to so many mountain ranges. For instance, the rocky mountain range with so many places and options to go in driving distance. There are so many places to choose from we have narrow it down to two choices.

•    Crowsnest Pass- This is a beautiful place to snowmobile, take a hike in the woods, and spend the day in a scenic looking place, enjoying all of the views. This place is my favourite as my good friend who owns Edmontons Best Plumbers owns a beautiful cabin near here and we go every winter.

•    Jasper National Park– This is another great park you can enjoy on your days off for some fresh air.

Edmonton is surrounded by so many national parks. During the snowy season, you really have your choice of going almost anywhere you want. If you own your snowmobile, it will be easier finding somewhere that allows you to take it for a spin.

Final thoughts

Snowmobiling is one of the most fun ways you can get outside during the wintertime. It allows you to fly across the snow at a high-speed, having fun in the snow. Remember to drive a snowmobile, you have to be 14 years or older. This is important if you want to take the family for some winter fun. There are so many health benefits are getting out in the snow has to offer. It’s time to go play in the snow!

Reasons to Go Spring Skiing in Whistler, BC

Skiing can be a truly amazing experience for anyone. During winter break, it is very common to see families and groups of friends going skiing in snowy slopes. 

While it’s true that it can be great to go skiing with other skiers during winter, numerous skiing destinations in various countries tend to be crowded during this season.

Therefore, no matter how much you love skiing, the whole experience might be negatively affected by the excessive amount of skiers and tourists skiing with you. This is particularly true if you are not a big fan of large crowds.

The good thing is, winter isn’t the only time of year you can go and enjoy skiing. Spring can also be a perfect time for you to go skiing.

Apart from getting the chance to avoid large crowds, there are many other reasons for you to go spring skiing in Whistler BC.

For one, the snow on the ground won’t be as hard as it is during wintry months, making it safer and more enjoyable to ski. Soft snow is excellent for both beginners and experienced skiers.

Another reason to consider spring skiing is to get to enjoy the weather. In winter, you can expect extremely cold temperature, which can make it more difficult to move comfortably while skiing. During spring, the sun would be out – giving you just enough comfort to ski more freely.

In addition, winter is the peak season for skiers – so you can also predict higher costs of accommodations and services when you go to skiing destinations.

In spring, however, the number of people visiting skiing locations decrease. Being it an off-season for skiing, you can look forward to much cheaper rates for almost everything related to ski vacations.

A lot of businesses will schedule their corporate parties during this time as it saves them money.  Surrey Painters does an annual retreat here with all their staff during this time.

And because days are longer in spring months, you have a lot of extra time to explore the beautiful location and try fun activities aside from skiing during the day. Parties are also popular for spring skiers, so you can take advantage of that, too.

Yo-Yo Skiing In North Coast California

Those who come for skiing in the different snow clad slopes of North Coast, California usually find ski lifts that take them to a mountain top from where the ski slope starts. Such a course makes it possible for skiers to take several runs up and down a course in a day. There are several regions here that are ideal for backcountry skiing as well as cross country skiing. In such courses, it might be difficult to complete more than one run in a day as the landscape poses more challenges. For those who try backcountry skiing, they often try a technique called yo-yo skiing.

Yo-Yo Skiing

The techniques of Yo-Yo skiing

Those who try yo-yo skiing will combine methods like hiking or skin skiing. In the latter case, synthetic skins are attached to the bottom surface of skis. That allows one to ski up the hill without falling back. As a result, one can ski up a certain section of a mountain range or ski down it. Usually one can hike up a hill or skin ski back, which allows one to complete multiple runs on slopes.

Back country skiers use such techniques to go beyond the areas that are set up for slope skiing. They also hike to areas where ski areas might not be set up from before and are snow covered unexplored terrains. Usually, the skiers will carry their equipment up a mountain by hiking up and then skin it down the mountain sides. They might ski down partly in a run or change direction to ski another unexplored area. They might skin it up back to the top to try another run to explore another part of a hill. Hence, the yo–yo technique helps one to enjoy the different sections of snow covered slopes which gives them quality skiing in different snow covered terrains.

Those who are cross country skiers will often try this technique in ski areas as well. They will try yo-yo skiing when they are making an uphill climb. This gives them a good workout and also allows them to work on technique. Hence, yo-yo skiing is more of a training method that is put to use by cross country skiers.

You might want to work on your skiing skills this winter for which there are certain winter resorts in North Coast California that prove ideal. Some ski resorts offer idyllic hills and slopes or snow covered terrain that would prove adventurous for back country or cross country skiers. The North Coast has several diverse ski resorts to offer in different regions. There are many regions where competitions are held every year as well as other kinds of recreational sports activities to indulge in.

Go ahead and plan your skiing vacation today for the forthcoming winter months. Advance bookings will get you attractive discounts as well.

North Coast Winter And Its Many Wonders

The North Coast of California has several unique landscapes for one to discover in each of its districts and areas. The rich forests full of state parks and national forest areas have rich redwood vegetation and other hardwood varieties in full abundance. While the higher slopes are ideal for winter sports, there are several places in North Coast California that prove ideal for visiting at different times of the year.

  •         Mendocino County

This is a coastal region in the North Coast which has blankets of redwood forests in the background while the ocean and coastline make for idyllic beach resort destinations. You can put up at a rental beach cottage and enjoy scenes of the surf crashing on the beach as well as find glimpses of gray whales out in the ocean waters. You are also close to the Redwood national and state parks which are easy to access from this region.

North Coast Winter

  •         Klamath

This is a small town in North Coast, where redwood forests and salmon are the best attractions. A friend of mine from Rid-Of-it Vancouver caught one of the biggest salmon I have ever seen here! You can find river rapids here which makes it ideal for river rafting and similar outdoor adventures.

  •         Blue Ox Millworks

This is a compound that showcases carefully preserved the native art of the region and for history enthusiasts, this is a landmark place to visit when one is in Mendocino County. 

There are several other attractions to visit and events to attend when you are here. For instance, the Clear Lake is one of the largest and oldest lakes in this region. It is a must visit when you are on the North Coast.

When you are here during the winter months to enjoy winter recreation, you will be in time to attend the crab, beer and wine festival that is held in Mendocino. Here you can get your fill of crab feeds, wine cruises and dinners, go for crab cooking classes and other exciting things to do around such food and drink items.

How To Pick A Ski Resort For Winter Vacations In North America?

If you are an enthusiastic skier or like to indulge in winter sports, you will probably be planning a ski trip in the forthcoming winter months. There are several factors to consider when you are picking a ski resort to stay at as well as that has the right infrastructure and surroundings for your recreational activities. Not only are the cold winter months ideal, but you could also plan a ski trip on North Coast of California in early spring as well.

Ski Resort

What to consider?

When you wish to plan the idyllic ski vacation it would be wise to look at certain factors. For instance, the budget you wish to spend for such a trip would determine how far you want to travel as well as the kind of resort you wish to stay at. If you have limited time to spend, you would want to find a destination that is easy to reach. Hence, transportation convenience, as well as terrain that is ideal for skiing, the kind of facilities a resort, offers and finding a new experience is something to look forward to.

Choice of place

When it comes to choosing a ski resort, the kind of terrain and weather conditions, these places have is vital to consider. Unlike any vocational resort, you would want to visit a ski resort at a time when it is ideal for skiing. Hence, check for the ideal skiing conditions, check for updates on weather and then take a leap of faith when you go for the vacation because weather conditions often can be unpredictable and you might end up snowed in and unable to ski during the period you are at a ski resort.

Reviews and ratings

There are reliable expert reviews as well as rankings of different ski resorts spread across North America. Hence, if you want to make sure that the ski trip you embark on would provide you a unique and awesome experience, all you need to do is rely on these ratings and reviews and pick a resort that you can comfortably travel to as well as spend a reasonable budget for such a holiday. If you want a unique experience such as renting a cabin for yourself and your friends on a hill and have an adventure out there, that too is possible in many places.

Snowmobiling In North Coast, California

If you have not explored the northern mountain regions of California, you might want to do so this winter. The back country of Calaveras County offers the best winter trails to discover. Even if you simply come by to sit and gaze at the wintry landscape, you will find spectacular scenes to take in here such as the Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway. Bear Valley is a popular region for snowmobiling and here are some useful facts you could use regarding such activities.

Those who are native to the region can tell you that snowmobiling has been around here since 1967. Indeed, most of the local families here run supplies stores here as well as repair shops, rentals and provide accommodation as well. Rentals are a big focus as those who come here for snowmobiling or trying other kinds of snow based activities need rentals in terms of equipment as well as transportation. Bear Valley has gained popularity as a snowmobiling destination over the years. The trail here goes into the wilderness that can be explored without the need of a local guide. Hence, you can be on your own here and be safe and secure as well. The location of Scenic Byway here also makes it a unique location. Many do come and check out the Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway here in summer but the winter time experience is different.


If you are planning to come over here, there are several local accommodation places you can reserve online or contact through phone lines. At the same time, you can reserve for snowmobile rentals. There are three distinct trails that one can discover here. The one in Bear Valley helps one to get familiar with the local surroundings. The other trail is the Spicer Trail System while the third one is the Lake Alpine trail system. Each trail has unique scenes to explore as well as beautiful natural landscapes to discover.

For those who are new to snowmobiling, it would be wise to opt for a rental for two hours. That would be sufficient, especially if one is attempting it for the first time and with the kids. It is great fun and kids enjoy the ride with parents. It is a great family recreation, to explore in the winter time as well in this region. For older folks, it is a more relaxing recreation that is not hard on the knees.